Actually this post has nothing to do with baseball. I'd written a "D" post and was all set to go with it. But last night I saw Debbie Reynolds and couldn't not share it here. So there are two "D" topics for today. Debbie was a good mile off-Broadway, the second topic returns us to Broadway.  

I'm also a good mile from the stage -- from my spot in the balcony -- and the figure in the black pants outfit is Debbie Reynolds. I promise it is! She was funny, quirky and still so adorable. Not surprisingly, it was a lot of fun and I put seeing "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" near the top of my to-do list.

My original thought for today was "Dog Day Afternoon." We love our pooches on the Upper West Side and it's a rare walk outside my apartment building when I don't see dogs being walked. This morning, on my three block walk to the subway, I counted six dogs being walked.

I like both of these pictures. They're not extraordinary pictures, but they are so typical of a Saturday afternoon in my neighborhood. People are going into one of the local coffee shops, walking their dogs or doing errands and carrying their purchases home. 
I'm really enjoying Blogging from A to Z Challenge and I've met some of the nicest new blog buddies. I feel like I'm at a fun party, where everyone is friendly and I am so lucky to have been invited. My featured blogger of the day is a dear blogger friend, who is also blogging from A to Z. Please stop by and visit sweet Lura. I know you will have a wonderful visit. 
I hope you had a Delightful Thursday and have a perfectly Elegant Friday.